Holmes® HWF75CS (D) Wick Humidifier Filter




Holmes® HWF75CS (D) Wick Humidifier Filter
Holmes® HWF75CS (D) Wick Humidifier Filter

A pure solution to enhance your home-environment, personal-comfort and well-being. The Holmes® HWF75CS (D) Wick Humidifier Filter transforms dry, damaging air with a balance of cleaner moisture and gentle restoration.


This triple-layer humidifier filter helps control dust and dirt build-up and helps prevent impurities from spreading by passing air through the filter. The Holmes® HWF75CS (D) Wick Humidifier Filter features baking soda layer to help remove household odors. Enjoy breaths of nourishing air and the renewing effects of cleaner moisture in your surroundings.

This filter is treated with an anti-microbial agent to inhibit the growth of mold, mildew and odor-causing bacteria on the surface of the filter only. It is not intended nor does it act to provide any pesticide effects to mold, fungus, algae or odor-causing bacteria in the humidifier or humidifier water. The anti-microbial agent is intended only to prolong filter life and does not protect users or other against bacteria, viruses, germs or other disease-causing organisms.

  • Holmes® HWF75CS Wick Humidifier Filter
  • For use with Holmes® models: HM3500, HM3600, HM3650, HM3640, HM3641, HM3655
  • For use with Bionaire® model BCM3656-UM
  • Holmes® humidifier filter part number HWF75 or HF222

Works With

Holmes® HWF75CS (D) Humidifier Wick Filter

compatiable with these products:
Works with Holmes® humidifiers:
HM3500, HM3501, HM3600, HM3656, HM3650, HM3640, HM3641

Works with Bionaire® humidifiers:
W12, W14, W15

Works with Sunbeam® humidifiers:
SCM3501, SCM3502, SCM3657

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