aer1® Systems

aer1 ready® systems combine the power of Bionaire® brand air purifiers with the most effective filter technology available today*(1) to ensure your environment is as clean and pure as it can be. Alter the air you breathe for a healthier, more balanced home environment by removing airborne particles and pollutants including dust, pollen and pet dander. Each of the aer1® filter addresses specific needs and purifies the air for better quality, better function and better living.

  • Proven to be 30% more effective at capturing dust and airborne particles from air passing through the filter.*(2)
  • Deliver the HIGHEST CADR CLEANING POWER amongst leading brands*(1)
  • Helps optimize air cleaning performance – simply by replacing your aer1® filter regularly
  • Customized effectiveness to your needs – dust, odor and allergen

aer1 Disposable Filters

  1. TOTAL AIR Traps and locks 30% more dust and particles from your indoor air and traditional Type A filters.*(2)
  2. ODOR ELIMINATOR Helps remove stubborn household odors such as tobacco, pet odors and cooking fumes.*(7)
  3. ALLERGY REMOVER True HEPA filtration removes up to 99.97% of airborne allergens such as mold*(8), dust and pet dander that may cause coughing and sneezing.*(3)
  4. SMOKE GRABBER Triple-layer odor and smoke absorption with enhanced HEPA-type filtration removes 99% of smoke and odors from the airstream*(4)
    True HEPA filtration is the MOST EFFICIENT Holmes® filter removing up to 99.99% of airborne allergens such as mold*(8), dust and pet dander that may cause coughing and sneezing.*(3)

Breathe cleaner, fresher indoor air with Bionaire® air purifiers equipped with new aer1® disposable air filters. 

  • Traps and locks up to 99.97% of harmful airborne allergens*(3)
  • No cleaning - simply toss your dirty filter into the garbage
  • Helps you breathe cleaner indoor air with optimal filter performance
  • Cleaning permanent filters can be a dirty process of hard-to-reach crevices
  • Cleaning releases dust into the air that you can breath in.
  • Without constant care, debris build-up can reduce filter performance


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